Old Oswestrians

Since the first Old Oswestrian dinner on 1st March 1882 the Society has grown to become a very active body of support who is just as passionate about the School's future as it is about its past.

An Old Oswestrian’s connection with the School does not stop once they walk through the ‘Last Day’ exit for the final time as a pupil.

The Society endeavours to facilitate a continuing relationship with all Old Oswestrians. We pride ourselves on the tremendous sense of community that our Old Oswestrians have with one another and with the School.

Despite a diverse range of ages, occupations, and interests, we believe the shared experience of years at School creates a great bond for all members of the Society which exists to enable that sense of community to flourish. The Society helps all members to keep in touch, and to continue to support the School in many diverse ways.

Oswestry Connect

Oswestry Connect is about connecting everyone with links to the School. The community supports 5th and Sixth Form leavers, current and past parents, current and former staff, and Old Oswestrians, with the simple aim of supporting each other now, and into the future.

"We learn not for school, but for life"


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