Music is part of the fabric that makes up Oswestry School life and has been for many years.

Oswestry School has broad opportunities for musicians of all types - our main aim is that everyone who wants to be involved musically can be accommodated.

Music is a powerful, unique form of communication that can change the way pupils feel, think and act. The Oswestry music programme offers opportunities for all pupils to perform and develop their musical abilities. The curriculum focuses on performance, composition and listening skills and is geared towards improving confidence, performance skills and developing creativity. It brings together intellect and feelings enabling personal expression, reflection and emotional development.

Many opportunities exist for talented musicians, including choirs, bands, orchestral ensemble, musical theatre, solo performance, music competitions, rhythm and blues club, music theory and a regular schedule of performances and events.
Oswestry School Music Scholars lead by example and flourish within an enthusiastic and committed team, supported by experienced and qualified full-time music staff.

All pupils are involved in some way, whether it is singing in Chapel, participating in the House Singing Competition or through individual musical interest. Singing plays a hugely important role both in Chapel and in more informal settings.

Oswestry School musicians are supported by dedicated full-time staff and a team of visiting instrumental and vocal teachers. Tuition is available in a wide range of instruments ranging from the violin and piano through to the trombone and electric guitar!

Musical interests of all kinds are catered for at school and pupils who are keen to develop their own works are very welcome to seek advice and guidance in both traditional and electronic composition methods and production. Many pupils who have enjoyed producing and presenting their own music have continued developing their skills and interest in higher education and careers in the field.
Oswestry School provides a comprehensive musical experience for those who wish to develop their skills and performance experience. For those with good musical potential, there are opportunities to join the school as a scholar and take the lead amongst the most enthusiastic and capable.


Oswestry School Recitals