Senior School

Senior School (for children aged 11 to 18)

At Oswestry we use our own nomenclature for the year groups which is different from that used in most maintained schools. This starts with First form (age 11) and continues on up to Fifth form (age 16) before pupils then progress to Sixth form.

As well as a strong emphasis on the core subjects of English, mathematics and science we consider languages to be important, and so offer French and Spanish. Creativity abounds in our art, music and drama programmes, whilst history and geography lessons teach pupils about our world, both past and present.

Each year group is overseen by a Head of School, who is responsible, with the form tutors, for overseeing the pastoral and academic well being of the pupils in each of three phases of the School: Lower School (First to Third forms); Upper School (Fourth and Fifth forms); and Sixth form.

The Lower School give our pupils a sound basis before studies at GCSE level. The academic programme is well tailored to the aptitude of our pupils, and in these critical years pupils are grouped by ability in some subjects, enabling them to progress at the most appropriate pace.

Before entering Upper School, pupils make the subject choices for their two-year GCSE course. Most pupils choose eight subjects, which lead to nine GCSEs (English literature as well as English language are followed). Mathematics, English and science are compulsory, and one foreign language is expected. This ensures a broad base of study, enabling quality learning of a range of skills and knowledge.

In addition to academic subjects, pupils are encouraged to pursue their choice of physical education and games. They are also exposed to a wide range of extra-curricular activities, be they theatre and art excursions close to home or cultural trips further afield. Recent examples include visits to Northern Ireland, to Berlin and Krakow, and to the Alps for skiing.

Throughout Senior School, pupils are assessed regularly to ensure that they are working hard and achieving at the highest possible standard. Formative and summative assessments are reported to parents each half term via the review/report cycle. These report pupils effort, achievement and progress from a start point (for Lower School), or towards a target grade (for Upper School and Sixth Form). Credits are awarded for those who achieve well and work hard. Full written reports (three times a year) give teachers the opportunity to comment more fully and suggest strategies to ensure improved academic attainment.

Above all, pupils at Oswestry School discover how to take responsibility for themselves and others in the knowledge that they have been set the right standards and goals. They will tell you ‘Kindness’ and ‘PRIDE’ are at the heart of all that we do. Why? The answer is simple, to show kindness towards everyone and everything around us breeds respect for others and the world we live in, whilst PRIDE (prepared, responsible, inventive, determined, and evaluative) fosters the attitudes that inspire great learning both for academia and for life. We want your child, and all children in our care, to be the best they can be; for that, a strong growth mindset is required. To be the best human being they can be, requires fostering a respect for each other and an understanding of social responsibility. 

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