2030 Strategic Vision: Forte



"Future-focussed, looking to the horizon as we develop, grow and adapt to the changing nature of education and the wider world"


We are excited to be looking ahead to the next phase in our long and proud history with an innovative, enterprising and evolutionary spirit.  The 2030 vision - Forte - seeks to retain all that is special and unique about Oswestry, building on strong foundations in developing a future-focused education where individuals are known, valued, nurtured and developed within our supportive, small school setting.

Forte is a plan for the years ahead focused on protecting, retaining and enhancing all that is special and unique about Oswestry School, but likewise forward-focused in looking at how we can be even better, how we might need to change, and how we can ensure that our school community is strong and excelling in all areas. Above all, it is focused on providing the very highest quality of education for all pupils at Oswestry School, and preparing them not just for school but for life.

Forte is the culmination of a wide-ranging consultation process that has engaged the whole school community, and their views, ideas and suggestions have informed the creation of a bold, innovative and ambitious roadmap for the years ahead...




                    "We learn not for School, but for life."

Underpinning all aspects of school life, Oswestry School's Values and Virtues are central to our school's vision and ethos, empowering pupils in their Oswestry journey and enabling all individuals to excel and find their forte.

Our Values are what we believe in; things that we hold as important, and core to who we are.

Our Virtues represent a range of skill sets that can be experienced developed and mastered here at Oswestry School.



As we embark upon this exciting next phase, we warmly invite you to join us in the journey, staying connected both in person and online, sharing with us as the seeds of the Forte vision are embedded, flourish and grow...

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