Donne House


The Revd Dr James Donne (1764-1844) was headmaster of Oswestry School from 1796-1833 and is considered to be one of the school's most distinguished headmasters, who re-established the School's fortunes in the late eighteenth century and is said by many to be Oswestry School's second founder, after David Holbache.

In his 36 years in office, Donne re-established school ownership of lands which had become alienated and completed the School House buildings, started in 1776, by finishing off the work and adding another school room (now the Long Room) with a dormitory above at a cost of £1,000 from his own pocket.

Under his rule, many illustrious pupils, later to become bishops, MPs, generals, judges and similar, attended the school and Oswestry School became widely famous.

Donne was also Vicar of Llanyblodwell, Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Oswestry at times during this period. Donne was succeeded as headmaster by his son, Stephen.

There is a monument to Donne in Oswestry Parish Church.