It is extremely important to us to provide a healthy and balanced range of food that is both nutritious and enjoyable for our pupils.

We achieve this in the following ways:

•    All our food is produced on site by our dedicated team of chefs.
•    90% of our dishes are made from fresh ingredients.
•    Locally sourced produce is used whenever possible.
•    We only use free range eggs. Our ham is sourced from one farm, Houghton Hams Wiltshire Ham, and is accredited under the British Meat Processors Association charter standard.
•    All of our UK sourced meat is Red Tractor labelled. The Red Tractor logo is a mark of quality food you can trust and indicates that food is safe to eat, and has been produced responsibly. Rigorous production standards ensure that there are no growth hormones or antibiotic residues in the meat, with assured focuses on welfare standards and conditions for farm animals.
•    Menus are rotated on a 3 weekly basis to provide continuing variety (please see a selection of our menus below).
•    Our chefs create recipes and use cooking methods that minimize the amount of salt, sugar, and saturated fats in our food. We also try ensure that wholegrains and plant based proteins are offered in the daily diet.

With a community of over 450, we cater for a wide range of dietary requirements including lactose intolerance, gluten free, and Halal, to name but a few. With a list of individual needs, the food options are briefed to the catering team before each meal to ensure dietary requirements are met.

We measure our food standards by:

•    Undertaking two external audits each year and regularly achieve a status of ‘Excellent’ and a "Certificate of Excellence". This ensures that all our food is produced to a healthy and nutritious standard.
•    Consistently achieving the highest rating – 5 Star – from Shropshire Council Environmental Health Department.
•    Inviting feedback from our pupils at twice termly meetings. We respond to their input and regularly include their suggestions in our menus.

Overall we strive to deliver the best catering possible and are always looking at options for improvement. The General Manager of catering, Zoe Blakeley, welcomes the opportunity to talk to both parents and pupils about the catering service and any special dietary needs. Please contact her if you would like any further information at

Prep School Menu

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