Our boarding culture

Not so much a boarding school as a second home. Boarders are encouraged to play a full part in the life of the school, thereby developing their skills and interests and becoming confident young adults, ready to take their place in the world of university and work

Oswestry School's boarders make up about one third of our community. Irrespective of whether your child boards, and many choose to as they progress through the school, he or she will benefit tremendously from the boarding culture. There is no substitute for an extended day giving your child the time and space to explore his or her passions and interests outside the classroom. We believe that the development of character, creativity, intellect and spirituality are the primary aims of education.

Our boarders come from both the UK and overseas, with around 27 nationalities represented. This international presence enriches the lives of those at the school, bringing a new dimension to the educational experience of our students and offering them a greater understanding of other cultures and religions. 

Many staff members live on site, generously investing as much time as your child requires. As such, they will know your child in a way that isn't possible in a typical day school. By living, working and sharing life's inevitable ups and down on one beautiful, spacious campus, both staff and pupils become fiercely loyal to the community. It is this loyalty that makes staff go the extra mile for their pupils, and pupils commit to being the best they can for their teachers, friends and school.

Pupil wellbeing

Some children sail through their teenage years seemingly unaffected by hormones and exams; for others being a teenager can prove a more challenging time. Like you, we hope your child will not experience too many difficulties, but we’re equipped to offer professional expertise if necessary. All the Boarding House teams are experts in dealing with teenagers and are trained in mental health and first aid.

The principles of Boarding 

The principles of boarding are in line with the broader aims of the school. And we celebrate boarding as a positive experience, providing boarders with academic and extracurricular opportunities to further enhance their education. 

We develop the whole person; intellectually, personally, socially and culturally by offering a wide range of sports, clubs, societies, activities and excursions.

We are an open, tolerant and trusting school, based on a mutual respect for all. 

We safeguard and promote the welfare of each individual by providing a safe environment, regular personal social and health education sessions and through our pastoral care and mentoring.

We provide a welcoming family environment, and activities to foster house spirit and community, including our tribes and families, ‘buddies’ for new arrivals and house socials, competitions and excursions.

Although living together, we acknowledge the right of each other to privacy and to work undisturbed. 

We develop boarders’ qualities of leadership and ability to work as part of a team, through regular group mentoring sessions and the opportunity to take on leadership roles within the House and School. 

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