Oswestry School Recitals

The thirtieth anniversary and final Oswestry School Recital Series was brought to a premature close by the COVID pandemic. We enjoyed the Bridge Quartet, Claire Martin, Gala Trio, and Trefor Smith, but missed out on the Katona Twins, and the Ark Ensemble. Another day, we hope.

The series was founded by Chris Symons, Head of Classics and passionate musician, in 1990. He single-handedly led the series for 26 years until, in 2016, the scale of his work was reflected by the need for a committee of nine to replace him. In the thirty years, we have been delighted to bring world-class classical music to Oswestry.

There will be further Oswestry School Recitals and we should be delighted if you would wish to hear more. We are committed to making classical music available to all members of the community. It is an honour to bring so much pleasure to our friends and has been so for the past 30 years. Please email if you have any queries.