Design & Technology

Design & Technology is a popular and highly enjoyable subject at Oswestry School where, due to our superb facilities, we are able to be innovative and adventurous in our work.

"Good Design is obvious.

Great Design is transparent."

Joe Sparano

Design & Technology lessons in the Lower School begin with skill development, technical practice and teacher supported activities. As pupils progress though to exam courses, and as levels of knowledge, experience and confidence increase, work becomes more independent as pupils learn to identify their own projects, carry our research and development, before planning and realising their selected outcome.

Pupils can work in traditional resistant materials such as wood, metal and plastics; compliant materials (card, paper and textiles); smart, modern or composite materials or any combination of these.

In teaching the Design & Technology course we attempt to enable pupils to make informed decisions about their own environment and that of the greater population that allows them to develop lifelong skills about choice and decision making. The ability to make independent judgements and be confident in justifying their selection is fundamental to the development of successful designers, but also fo self-assured and responsible members of society.

Design & Technology Scholarships