Three pupils doing dance on Chapel Walk

Oswestry school has a long tradition of including ballet within its curriculum.

ISTD Imperial ballet is studied from Reception to Year 6 in Bellan House, and boys and girls are encouraged to enjoy the wonderful opportunities ballet tuition provides. We also offer dance in a broad spectrum of clubs from Modern and Tap dance, Contemporary, and Street dance. Yoga is included in the co-curricuar offering to create a balance between discipline of the body and of the mind. 

All dance and clubs are offered all through the school, with private ballet tuition available as a peripatetic lesson. Pupils are encouraged to reach their full potential by auditioning for associate programmes, ballet schools and full time work. Many of our pupils are a part of the Hammond, and Elmhurst ballet associates, and regularly take part in professional dance showcases.

Our dance academy is open to the wider community, where dance classes start for children aged 2 years to young people aged 18 years. Our full time pupils often assist at the academy, and work to take their student teacher qualifications.