Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

What is the CCF?

The Combined Cadet Force at Oswestry School was formed in 18XX and to this day plays an important part in the life of the School. Although it runs primarily on Friday afternoons, there are at least two activity days each year that may involve overnight camps. The cadets make good use of the School’s extensive grounds, but many activities take place off site such as live round firing, obstacle courses, sailing and climbing. In addition, cadets can pursue the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.

The priority of the Contingent is to provide pupils with the opportunity to experience and enjoy a variety of military and civilian training with an emphasis on leadership and character development. We offer a vast amount to pupils in terms of enjoyment, personal development and as an excellent addition to any CV or Personal Statement. Oswestry Cadets are expected to be among the most professional, confident and well-rounded pupils in the School, but the primary aim of the CCF is to be fun and enjoyable for all.