Co-curricular is beyond the curriculum and gives the opportunity for pupils to experience new, exciting activities that they enjoy and find rewarding. Co-curricular opportunities offer choice and the chance for pupils to take part in something that they find interesting, enjoyable or simply because they are intrigued by what a club may offer.

We want a pupil’s experience at Oswestry School to be rich, varied, stimulating and fun - outside the classroom as well as inside. We want pupils to find as many things as possible which motivate, connect strongly with the wider world, and help them to engage and develop a real passion.

There is much more than the statutory academic curriculum on offer for Oswestry School pupils with a programme of events, as well as our extensive co-curricular programme provided through the week. 

There are over 130 co-curricular activities on offer for senior and prep school pupils at Oswestry school. These activities include sports clubs, creative clubs, performing arts clubs, clubs that involve skill and mental capacity, adventurous clubs and also the opportunity to develop key life skills. They take place after school from 4-5pm, at lunchtime and before school. 

All of our pupils have the opportunity to engage in the clubs programme and take up the excellent opportunities on offer. There is something for everyone as our pupils embark on their journey through Oswestry school.

Our trips programme is extensive and as the school move forward from the pandemic, a number of ‘big trips’ are on offer to senior pupils. Recent trips include; a ski trip to Spain and cultural visit to New York, a football tour to Spain and an adventurous trip to Costa Rica. Over the coming years there are a number of exciting trips planned, including sports tours, a number of adventure education trips and visits to Nepal and Peru. 

On Friday afternoon’s our senior pupils from third form upwards participate in enrichment activities. Pupils can participate in CCF, OsBizz, Community Action, Performance Tennis, Athletic Development, Golf, Lifesaving and Public Speaking. The aim of the afternoon is for pupils to develop key life skills and gain experience in areas beyond the curriculum to ‘learn for life’. 

The Co-curricular programme is constantly developing and we are always looking to add new and exciting activities and opportunities for our pupils. Our aim is for pupils to leave Oswestry school with a set of skills and experiences that set them up for life ensuring that they can achieve whatever they chose to pursue in their life beyond Oswestry school. 

Oliver Leaver 2022

If you have any questions about our Co-curricular offering please feel free to contact me:


Oliver Leaver
Assistant Head Co-Curricular & Director of Sport 

Here are some of our clubs