Performing Arts Scholarships (Music)


Performing Arts Scholarships can be worth up to a maximum of 20% of school fees.

All candidates for a Peforming Arts scholarship will be expected to have a satisfactory level of academic ability and a satisfactory reference and school report. In addition to this there will be a practical assessment.

All Performing Arts scholars are expected to make a significant contribution to the broad musical, dramatic or dance life of the School, including continued instrumental learning, supporting rehearsals as reasonably requested by the Director of Performing Arts, and performing in the School's events.

Assessment Arrangements

  • Candidates should prepare two contrasting pieces on their main instrument. A second study can be offered by the candidate should they so wish.

  • Accompaniments should be provided upon arrival for the interview.

  • If a candidate has composed a piece, he or she may bring a recording, score or perform it.

  • Voice can be offered as a main instrument or second study. If voice is offered as a main instrument, a short hymn or song should be sung from memory. The candidate should provide an accompaniment upon arrival for the interview.

  • Candidates will be asked to perform aural tests including clapping rhythms and singing back to short melodies.

  • Candidates will have an interview with the Director of Music to discuss their musical experiences to date and their musical ambitions and interests.

All candidates will also have a short interview with the Headmaster or another senior member of staff and will require a good reference from the candidate's current school.

The assessment for all music and drama awards will last approximately one hour.


St Oswald's Church Choir Music Scholarship

Oswestry School has a long and strong relationship with St Oswald's Church and its choir. Oswestry School was founded in 1407 and our original building still exists in the churchyard of St Oswald the Martyr. St Oswald's is the host venue for many of the School's major celebratory events. The St Oswald's Church Choir music scholarship exists to both cement the relationship between the School and church and enable the fine musicians of the St Oswald's Church Choir to enjoy an Oswestry School education.

Candidates for the St Oswald's Church Choir music scholarship will be put forward by the St Oswald's Choirmaster with consideration of: suitability to represent the Church, ability to contribute to the broad musical activity of the School, and likelihood to benefit from the experience. Further details are available on request.


Scholarship Application