Information for Parents: COVID-19

Latest advice

This advice is as of Friday 16 April, 1800 GMT

Oswestry School, as with all schools in England, has returned to school.

Covid measures

Oswestry School COVID-19 risk assessment

Senior School COVID-safe FAQs

Bellan House COVID-safe FAQs

Please be mindful that much can and will, no doubt, change in the weeks ahead. Please return to this page for the latest advice.

Educational Continuity Contingency

The School has demonstrated that it can provide an excellent programme of educational continuity with remote learning provision using our Google Suite. This facility remains at hand should there be any lockdown concerns again.

REmote learning policy

Contact information

I hope that this is helpful and reassuring. Please do get in touch with Form Tutors or Housemasters/mistresses in the first instance.

For more general concerns, please contact