Exam Information

Public examinations 2020 - results available on the pupil portal  
13 August 2020 A-level
20 August 2020 GCSE

Useful Information

When and how are the results distributed?

Results will be available on the dates above from the pupil iSAMS profile (not on parents’ portal) from 8am, and for parents (via the parent portal) from 10.30am. Staff will be available from 8.30am to assist with any enquiries. For reasons of confidentiality, results will not be given over the telephone.

Results should not to be shared via social media in any form until after 9.30am (JCQ regulations)

Results Day Procedure

What can I do if results are different from what is anticipated?

It must be remembered that examinations can only measure performance on the day, and that candidates can do better or worse than anticipated for a variety of reasons. 

If the results have implications for the candidate’s future plans, please contact the school as soon as possible on results day on the main school number, +44 (0) 1691 655711. Heads of year and Heads of faculty will be on hand to give guidance.

Post Results Service

Internal Exams 2019/20

Provisional Schedule  
1st to Upper Sixth forms 13-16 January 2020
1st to 4th and Lower Sixth forms 8-12 June 2020

Pupils will receive timetables for internal exams the week before their exams commence. These exams are to be undertaken with the same sense of gravity as public examinations as, if for some reason a pupil is unable to complete their examinations in the summer, exam boards may need to see evidence of pupil work to award a grade. Pupils will generally receive results of exams in lessons.