Connor receives award in Harvard International Economics Essay Contest

Connor, in Upper Sixth Form, has achieved a highly commended essay in the 2020 Harvard International Economics Essay Contest.

The competition is held each year and is open to pupils of secondary school age. The submitted essays are evaluated by the boards of the Harvard Undergraduate Economics Association (HUEA) and the Harvard College Economics Review (HCER), as well as Oliver Hart, the 2016 Economics Nobel Prize winner.

The HUEA commented, "Though Connor's essay will not be considered for the top three winning essays, which will be determined in March, this is an immense accomplishment, as we were impressed by his understanding of economic theory and his ability to communicate his passion through his writing."

Headmaster, Julian Noad, said, "I congratulate Connor on this achievement. I am excited for his potential future in economics and can't wait to see what he will accomplish next."

To read Connor's essay, please follow the link below:

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