Young writer comes 3rd in Society of Heads competition

Noah, in Year 4, has come 3rd in the Society of Heads Junior Schools 100 Words Writing Competition in the Year 3 and 4 category.

Well done Noah!

A ginger cat lives alone, in an old forgotten house. One day he comes across a small hole, and he can hear what sounds like tiny squeals of laughter.

“What's in there?” he thinks curiously. “Hopefully, it’s something I can eat... because I’m starving!” He peers through the hole. “What is this? I can see something. It’s bright. A lamp? A telephone? A television! Mice in clothes? I must be going mad! Can there really be a family of mice underneath the floorboards? I think my hunger has made me hallucinate....

Do you think they might invite me for tea?”

Noah D

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