Pounds for Peace at Bellan House

This week, Mini Mission 7 (Pounds for Peace) in Bellan, saw us raise a further £212.95  in our 10 fundraising projects Taking us to a fabulous £1205.32 in total so far. See the children in action by clicking here

As we continue our mini missions to raise aid for the people of Ukraine, we have decided to take our next one outdoors as we Conga for Cash. On Friday 13 March, we plan to do a Conga Line through Cae Glass Park in the hope of summoning up some additional donations from the public. We hope you are able to continue to support us in our challenge by bringing a donation on the day and maybe meet us between 11:00 - 11:30 as we Conga through the park. Every penny helps to reach our target goal of £2000 by the end of Mini Mission 10. Thank you for all your support so far - we know it means a great deal to the people we are helping.



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