Mrs Belk tells parents about pupils’ eco goals

Bellan House pupils have always been behind ecology and sustainability. The Eco Committee, made up of pupils from across the year groups, are concerned with how they can make changes that will make a difference in their environment.

Mrs Belk invited parents to come and talk to her about initiatives the school, and the children, are making. Each classroom has a list of the seventeen global goals that were set in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and are a collection of aims that are designed to be a ‘blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all’. In each lesson, teachers try to incorporate some understanding of these global goals for the children.

Part of the curriculum is Forest School, located at the Senior School. This well-established area is currently being relocated to another part of the school site, and children are worried about the impact this may have on plants, and animal and insect habitats. The Eco Committee met with Estates Manager, Dave Jones, who listened to their concerns and mapped out the new Forest School with the Committee’s assistance. The children requested that there should be a vegetable garden, bird watching hut, mud kitchen, open fire, animal tunnel, and sensory garden all included in the new plans.

Mrs Belk explained the plans to the parents who attended the Eco Forum. They welcomed the changes and agreed that doing small, positive actions at school would encourage the children to go home and do the same.

There will be another Eco Committee parent meeting next term when Mrs Belk will give an opening date for the new Forest School. In the meantime, pupils will help with the construction of the new site by planting trees, and cutting and planting willow. When the area is more established, the Forest School will open its doors to the local community and there will be opportunities for children and their parents to learn outdoor skills.

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