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There is a necessity in any school to keep moving forward and Oswestry School is no exception.

We feel passionately that our pupils deserve the best that we can offer in all areas of their education and building new facilities to improve their experience and opportunities is an essential aspect of creating stimulating teaching and learning environments. Our dedicated Governing Body are clear in their vision for the School and have committed to investing funds in providing exciting new facilities.

Oswestry Connect is about connecting everyone with links to the School.

The community supports 5th and Sixth Form leavers, current and past parents, current and former staff, and Old Oswestrians, with the simple aim of supporting each other now, and into the future.

"We learn not for school, but for life"

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Community Theatre

The Memorial Hall stands at the Last Day entrance to the school and was built as a WW2 war memorial by the Old Oswestrian Society and formally opened in 1954. The space was primarily used as an assembly hall, gymnasium and concert area.

Now that the school has a newly built sports hall we believe that the Memorial Hall could be repurposed into a community theatre offering an exciting performance and teaching space for pupils and the local community.

OO Charlie Pierce (2003-08) is director of a school building construction company and generously sent architects to draw up initial plans for the theatre with a green room, racked seating and an orangery extension to the side that would look out on the Chapel lawn.

First page of the PDF file: 180111-DGL-01-XX-DR-A-2100-Elevations
First page of the PDF file: 180111-DGL-01-XX-DR-A-2000-General_Arrangement
First page of the PDF file: 180111-DGL-01-XX-M3-A-2200-3D_Visuals
First page of the PDF file: 180111-DGL-01-XX-M3-A-2201-3D_Visuals

How to make a gift

There are many different ways in which you can contribute to the Community Theatre for Oswestry School.

  1. By BACS or cheque or by telephone.
  2. Giving shares, with capital gains and income tax relief to the donor.
  3. Including us in your Will.

Whichever option you choose, you will not only be making a commitment to Oswestry School, but you will be helping to secure the future success of pupils.