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Oswestry School (“the Website”) is owned and maintained by the school. This information explains our policy on cookies. Please read this policy carefully and understand that by accessing the website and its material you have understood and agreed to the use of cookies.

About Cookies

Cookies are small text files downloaded and stored in your browser. The cookies are then sent back to the originating site each time you return, or to another site that processes the information gained. Cookies are useful because they allow a site to recognize an individuals browsing device and provide a more personalized experience. There is more official information on cookies and their use at these sites: and For a video about cookies visit Cookies provide many services, such as efficient page navigation, remembering preferences and personalizing the web for a user. Cookies on this website are categorized based on the standards found in the ICC UK cookie guide. The list below details all cookies used on this site.

Cookies in our site

Performance Enhancement Cookies - these collect information on how users access the site, which pages they visit most often or if they are getting error messages. They are non-personal and do not identify users. All information collected by these cookies is used in an aggregated anonymous fashion. The data collected is applied to give the site better functionality. Google analytics is used on this website. Functionality Cookies – These cookies enable facilitation of logins, font resizing, accessibility color settings and other customisable features of the site. They may also help in the technicalities of watching video, blogs or forums. The information utilized is anonymous and cannot be used to track further browsing activity on other sites.

Blocking Cookies

All modern browsers allow you to block cookies. Please refer to specific browser documentation for this. You may also opt out of Google Analytics by visiting this site: