Social distance 'high five' from Swim National Champions

Thousands of swimmers across the country raced and submitted their best times in virtual events either within Swim England “Level X” or Swim Wales “Super Series” from 23 October through to the end of 2020.

Many Oswestry School pupils represented their swimming clubs and dived deep into this virtual world of times to stand out, improve, and overcome the lengthy restrictions Covid-19 has put on the sport which they passion and hunger for.

Two pupils, Akaash Das and Paul Nash, are extremely proud of their achievements by being listed overall within the top 10 swimmers in England and awarded medals for any top three placements for the event category.

Paul Nash achieved gold for 400 Freestyle, 400 IM & 200 Breaststroke, silver for 200 IM, and bronze for 200 Backstroke. 

Akaash Das achieved gold for 400 IM, silver for 200 Backstroke and Bronze for 400 Freestyle and 200 Breaststroke. 

Mr Tim Hastie, swimming lead at Oswestry School and Head Coach for both boys at Oswestry Otters, said, “The accomplishments these boys have achieved from a small community swimming program, in comparison to city clubs or programmes with over double the training hours in the pool, is huge. Alongside this, Akaash must be congratulated as his placement was with multi-aged participants and classification for the Para-swimming category.”

Director of Sport, Mr Oliver Leaver, passed on his congratulations to the boys, “Their triumph is a reflection of our Sporting Values, Respect, Enjoyment and Commitment, which has led to the success seen by these two athletes.”