Art & Design Scholarships

Art & Design scholarships are awarded to talented artists who have a passion and love of the subject and are able to talk thoughtfully about their work and work of other artists.

Art & Design Scholarships can be worth up to a maximum of 20% of school fees.

All candidates for an Art & Design scholarship will be expected to have a satisfactory level of academic ability and a satisfactory reference and school report. In addition to this there will be a practical assessment.

Art & Design scholars are expected to pursue art & design at GCSE and A level.

Assessment Arrangements

The assessment will require each candidate to attend a formal interview and prepare the following:

  • A portfolio of up to eight items of work. Quality is more important than quantity and the aim is to show a variety of work which best demonstrates the candidate's skills and ability. Candidates may include three dimensional work or photographs of the work if the piece is fragile.

  • Candidates are asked to produce a finished piece of work in time for the interview based upon the starting point of choosing of the Head of Art or Head of Design. Candidates may work in any medium or combination of media considered suitable for their work. They must include in their portfolio all supporting research and preparatory studies relevant to the development of their ideas.

  • Candidates will be asked to produce an observational drawing on the day of the examination. All candidates should bring their own drawing mediums, or favourite materials on the interview day. The observational drawing and work in the candidate's portfolio will be assessed by the Head of Art & Design and the Head of Design & Technology.

  • Candidates must be prepared to talk with the Head of Art & Design and/or Head of Design & Technology about their work and interests in art and/or design.

All candidates will also have a short interview with the Headmaster or another senior member of staff and will require a good reference from the candidate's current school.

If candidates are working on art & design GCSE work at present this may be something they have already produced for their portfolio. They should include in their portfolio all supporting research and preparatory studies relevant to the development of their ideas. If candidates are not doing GCSE art & design, but wish to take up the subject in the Sixth Form, this is no an obstacle as we welcome any pupil who shows talent, potential and passion and dedication to the subject.

Scholarship Application