School set to become vaccination hub

As reported in the national press, Oswestry School, 'one of the top public schools in the country', is set to become a vaccination hub under a proposal out to the Government.

This scheme, which incurs no cost for the Government, has been drawn up by two academy chains, a private school group, and the respected Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) which represents Britain's leading schools.

Under the proposal, Oswestry School, a member of the HMC, would join Shrewsbury School to provide Shropshire’s vaccination centres. 

Under this emergency scheme medically trained staff will inoculate school workers for 16 hours a day. The plan is that ‘most or even all’ of England’s one million school and nursery teachers, teaching assistants and support staff, including dinner ladies and caretakers, could be vaccinated within the week.

Oswestry School has the refrigerators required to store the vaccine and a large force of medically trained staff who can administer the injections.

Headmaster Julian Noad commented, “We are incredibly privileged to be able to help in whatever way we can during this pandemic alongside our HMC colleagues. 

"The nation's pupils need to return to school as soon as possible and by taking part in this initiative I hope that we can speed up this time, for all.

“Being located just outside Oswestry town centre means that school staff members can easily reach us, by car, public transport, or by walking.

“With good planning and hard work, Shrewsbury School and Oswestry will be able to ensure the safety of teaching and support staff.”

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