Oswestry School General Election Results

To help our pupils learn more about how a general election works, we staged a mock election this term at Oswestry. Candidates were chosen to represent some of the main UK political party's and have been campaigning hard over the last few weeks to earn the votes of our pupils and staff.  It was a close run thing, with 275 votes being cast overall. 

All of the students who stood as candidates did a brilliant job, researching their party's policies, campaigning around school and speaking at our hustings events. Yesterday was voting day, with poliung stations set up in the gazebo's at the top and bottom of the hill on Senior school campus. 


Votes have been counted and It was a close run thing, with 275 votes being cast overall. 

The final results were:  

  • Liberal Democrats (William, Pearl, Emily) - 63 votes
  • Labour (Matt, Harry C-B) - 62 votes
  • Green Party (Charlie, Ella, Lexie, Lowri) - 47 votes
  • Plaid Cymru (Xav, Gethin, Jac) - 46 votes
  • Conservatives (Yuji and Harry D-P) - 44 votes
  • Reform UK (Thomas) - 55 votes


The Liberal Democrats won but, as you can see from the results,  it was very close.  Thanks to you all for supporting the students and the election process.


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