Forte Award - 9 February 2024

This week's Forte gathering was held by our Headmaster, Mr Middleton, who was delighted to be able to meet with this week's winners and congratulate them on their efforts and achievements. Our winners were selected because they exhibited Forte virtues or values...



Joe (U6th), Otto (U6th) and Harry (U6th)
Awarded for doing an amazing job as an Enterprise Dragon, giving praise, encouragement and constructive feedback.



Betsy (1st)
Betsy supported the Shrewsbury food bank before Christmas putting together all the boxes for Christmas. In addition, she was recognised in the newspaper after helping an elderly lady with a heavy bag into Church.




Charlotte (2nd)

Charlotte qualified for an impressive 15 events, set 11 pb times, qualified for numerous finals, won a couple of medals and she also won the trophy for achieving 3rd place in the top girl awards in the recent Shropshire County Championships for Swimming.

Connie (2nd), Noah (2nd)
For excellent effort swimming at Shropshire County Swimming Championships.



Thomas (4th)
For singing the opening solo of Once in Royal David's City at the End of Term Carol Service last term.


Mykola (5th)
Mykola has taken a proactive approach to catching up on topics taught before he joined the school. He has studied independently and taken responsibility for undertaking wider reading on the course.



Verity (1st)
Verity has represented the school 25 times since the beginning of the school year. In addition to Verity's sporting prowess at Oswestry School, she frequently spends her free time competing in her out of school sports, such as swimming and gymnastics. Remarkably, Verity has sometimes competed in two or more competitions at the weekend, missing the award ceremonies to ensure she makes it to her next competition. Verity has shown great resilience in competing in so many matches, games and competitions, but also with keeping up with her academic work. I am very proud and impressed with her persistent hard work in all areas.



This year, with the launch of the 2030 Strategic Plan- Forte - pupils will be recognised for embodying and demonstrating the school’s Values and Virtues.  Underpinning all aspects of school life, Oswestry School’s Values and Virtues are central to our school’s vision and ethos, empowering pupils in their Oswestry journey and enabling all individuals to excel and find their forte. 

Our Values are what we believe in; things that we hold as important and core to who we are. Oswestry School’s Values are deeply rooted and serve as a firm foundation for positive wellbeing, character development and contribution to society.  Our Values are: Flourishment; Opportunity; Responsibility; Trust; Empathy.

Our Virtues represent a range of skill sets that can be experienced, developed and mastered here at Oswestry School. They are behaviours, character strengths, attitudes and mindsets that enable pupils to thrive at school and flourish in life. Our Virtues encourage pupils to be: Analytical; Collaborative; Independent; Innovative; Proactive; Resilient.

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