Forte Award - 7 June 2024

This week's Forte gathering was held by our Headmaster, Mr Middleton, and Senior Deputy Head, Mr Lane. Both were delighted to be able to meet with this week's winners and congratulate them on their efforts and achievements. Our winners were selected because they exhibited Forte virtues or values...



Sophie (L6th)
For going above and beyond in her sport science work this half term.



Harry (2nd)
Harry is to be commended for being part of the TNS u13 side who won the Welsh Premiership in the 2023/24 season and the won the National Final in Cardiff against the South Wales winners, becoming only the second TNS academy team to be crowned national champions. Well done Harry!



Edward (2nd)
Edward has been coming to the LS Quiet Zone library break sessions since they started. He gets on with an activity, but will always make the effort to talk to staff and to other pupils. He is more confident and comfortable with every week that passes, and is the perfect role model to other pupils in LS who might be wary of coming down to the library at social times.


Verity (1st), Thomas (1st), Betsy (1st), Arthur (1st)
For being an excellent role model and represented the school with pride during the Year 6 Transition Day

William (2nd)
On Saturday morning Mrs Lane was let down by both stage hands for the Mean Girls show. Will stepped up without complaint, was quick to help at all points during the rehearsals on Saturday afternoon and then even made a last minute cameo appearance in the show. He was a fantastically good sport, generous with his time, and rose to the challenge and opportunity to be involved in something that wouldn’t necessarily have been his first choice.




This year, with the launch of the 2030 Strategic Plan- Forte - pupils will be recognised for embodying and demonstrating the school’s Values and Virtues.  Underpinning all aspects of school life, Oswestry School’s Values and Virtues are central to our school’s vision and ethos, empowering pupils in their Oswestry journey and enabling all individuals to excel and find their forte. 

Our Values are what we believe in; things that we hold as important and core to who we are. Oswestry School’s Values are deeply rooted and serve as a firm foundation for positive wellbeing, character development and contribution to society.  Our Values are: Flourishment; Opportunity; Responsibility; Trust; Empathy.

Our Virtues represent a range of skill sets that can be experienced, developed and mastered here at Oswestry School. They are behaviours, character strengths, attitudes and mindsets that enable pupils to thrive at school and flourish in life. Our Virtues encourage pupils to be: Analytical; Collaborative; Independent; Innovative; Proactive; Resilient.

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