Scholarships are available for candidates showing evidenced talent in, and commitment to, Academic subjects, Art & Design, Design & Technology, Languages, Performing Arts, and Sport.

Scholarships can be worth up to a maximum of 20% of school fees.

Additional financial support is available through a means-tested bursary.

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Scholarship Details

Please read the Scholarship Information Sheet to determine if your child is eligible, or call to discuss eligibility with the Admissions Team. Each candidate will need to register and complete a scholarship application form before being considered for an Award or Scholarship.

Scholarship Information Sheet

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Exam Dates

11+ Entry Scholarships - 2022 Entry
Sport Thursday 3 November 2022
Art & Design/Design & Technology Thursday 3 November 2022 
Performing Arts Thursday 3 November 2022
Academic Saturday 5 November 2022
13+ Entry Scholarships - 2022 Entry
Sport Monday 31 October 2022
Art & Design/ Design & Technology Monday 31 October 2022
Performing Arts Monday 31 October 2022
Academic Saturday 5 November 2022
16+ Entry Scholarships - 2022 Entry
Sport Wednesday 2 November 2022
Art & Design/Design & Technology Wednesday 2 November 2022
Performing Arts Wednesday 2 November 2022
Academic Saturday 5 November 2022

All Scholarship candidates will have an interview with the Headmaster.

Hannah Owen Registrar Oswestry School

Mrs Hannah Owen 

Registrar (ages 4-18)
+44 (0) 1691 655711

Mrs Sarah Hicklin

Director of Admissions (International) (ages 4-18)
+44 (0) 1691 681104


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2021 ISI Inspection

We are pleased to report that our full ISI Inspection 2021 resulted in an impressive outcome for Oswestry School. The report showed the school was recognised for it’s high quality provision in academic achievements and in personal development, both within the curriculum, the co-curriculum and in Boarding. We are proud that all standards were deemed to be fully met in the regulatory compliance inspection, meaning our excellent pastoral care of pupils was validated by the Inspectorate. Click the button below to  read more: 

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