Oswestry School has a long tradition of providing assistance with the cost of school fees to pupils whose families do not have the resources to cover the cost of their education, but who would gain great benefit from the educational experience that Oswestry School can offer.

All bursaries applications are reviewed on a means-tested basis.

The bursary is a reduction in fees based on an assessment of the merit of a pupil and the financial circumstances of the family. This is a means-tested award and may be awarded in addition to a scholarship. Bursaries are not dependant on scholastic merit, but are awarded to pupils who are likely to gain the most from an Oswestry School education and will contribute fully to the life of the school.

The pupils in question must satisfy the school's entry requirements and continue to work to capacity as they progress through the school. Parents who feel that they may need the support of a bursary are encouraged to discuss the matter with the school well in advance of the child's due date of entry. Judgements are dependent on a supporting reference from a candidate's previous school (where applicable), an informal interview and scrutiny of the family's financial circumstances.

Contact the Admissions Office to ask for a Bursary Application Form. Please complete the form and send it with a covering letter stating why your child would benefit from an Oswestry School education and how he or she would contribute to the School. Please send this form to The Bursar, Oswestry School, Upper Brook Street, Oswestry, Shropshire SY11 2TL.


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2021 ISI Inspection

We are pleased to report that our full ISI Inspection 2021 resulted in an impressive outcome for Oswestry School. The report showed the school was recognised for it’s high quality provision in academic achievements and in personal development, both within the curriculum, the co-curriculum and in Boarding. We are proud that all standards were deemed to be fully met in the regulatory compliance inspection, meaning our excellent pastoral care of pupils was validated by the Inspectorate. Click the button below to  read more: 

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