Sixth Form Taster Day 2022

Our current fifth form pupils and a number of external pupils who are interested to join us in the Sixth Form were warmly invited for a sixth form taster day on Thursday. They spent a full day immersed in 'Sixth Form life' following the dress code and donning their finest business wear.  They had the run of the Sixth Form Centre where they were able to experience private study sessions and their own bespoke study space. They took part in taster sessions for A-level subjects they were considering. This gave pupils the opportunity to understand the difference in expectations between GCSEs and A Levels.

The day was full of excitement and anticipation of what the future might hold. The pupils enjoyed tasters in a plethora of subjects, including English Literature, Modern Languages, Geography and Business, plus subjects new to them such as Economics and Psychology. There was a real buzz in the Sixth Form Centre and a pupil commented “I only need to get my GCSEs done, then I can come and enjoy the Sixth Form”. Praise indeed.

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