Sharon Okwara, Nigeria 

My name is Sharon Okwara and I joined Oswestry School as a Sixth Form student. I arrived at school two weeks late and at this point all new students had settled in and they already had their various groups of friends. Thinking about going to the school at that time, I felt so sad leaving everyone back at home in Nigeria and coming to a place where I may or may not have any friends. When I got to the girls boarding house, Guinevere, I instantly felt at peace because everyone I saw, both staff and students, were all so welcoming. I could not believe how incredible it was. The environment is so calming and the view from the hill is absolutely amazing.

I discovered that timing here is extremely important and with time I got used to being at the right place at the right time, if not earlier.

The subjects I am doing for my A Levels could be a bit more interesting but honestly, because of how utterly phenomenal the teachers here are, I am succeeding academically.

I am a school Prefect so I believe that the school did a wonderful job in making me fit into the school system well and I definitely had no problem when it came to things I was not sure about because there was always someone there to help. I rarely found myself without anybody to talk to or ask for help.

After my A levels, I want to study aeronautical engineering and with the education I am receiving at Oswestry School, I can proudly say that achieving this degree would be more than possible. I do, and will always consider Oswestry School as my second home.



Adelina Creciun, Moldova

Oswestry School is more than just a place to study, it is a wonderful opportunity to build experience and to prepare for university life. As an international student there are three key things that you wonder about when you are thinking of studying somewhere abroad: challenges with the new language, new friends and the quality of lessons. The management team at Oswestry School made sure they offered the best options and made the induction period quite easy. For each international student there are English lessons to help you improve your language skills. More than that, teachers are very understanding and offer a lot of help. After a while studying in this ambiance, you will notice how English is not so difficult anymore or problematic.

There is also a very friendly atmosphere between all year groups and everyone is happy to help at any point. In a new school you are likely to get lost easily but fortunately, at Oswestry School, you can always find someone who will help you.

You will make lots of friends from different countries and you'll find more about a lot of cultures. Isn't it amazing? The staff care a lot about each student and all the issues you may have can be solved together.

The quality of the lessons is very high. Teachers are always happy to give help in their free time. The small class sizes offer the opportunity for the teacher to pay attention to each student - and you will have lots of help from all teachers to make the right university choices.

This is my experience at Oswestry School, the best experience I have ever had.