The academic element of the Oswestry School Summer programme isn't an add-on or an afterthought. It's an exciting and varied curriculum in which you will encounter big ideas, come to understand more about the way the world works and - perhaps most importantly of all - you'll have a lot of fun!

Every weekday morning, you'll have four lessons delivered by qualified Oswestry teachers. If you are looking to improve your English, two of these lessons will be English Language (and pupils who wish to may apply to undertake a Trinity Certificate in Spoken English at the end of the Three Week course). 

The other two lessons (or all four of them for those who are not attending English lessons) will be centred on our weekly themes:

  • Week One - Leadership, Government and Politics
    • find out what leadership really means and learn about the structures behind some of the world's most powerful institutions.
  • Week Two - Science and Industry
    • get your hands dirty in the lab as you explore some of the most fundamental ideas in science, but also learn about the processes behind taking a product to market.
  • Week Three - Art, Literature and Culture
    • tackle some of the world's most inspiring texts, build your understanding of incredible art works and, most importantly of all, find your own expression through creativity.

For pupils remaining with us for all three weeks of the programme, we offer the AQA Higher Project Qualification. This GCSE Level certificate is designed to help pupils acquire skills of research, analysis and communication and is highly regarded by universities and employers across the world. 

We are proud of what we believe to be an unique, exciting and carefully designed programme. The varied content holds something for everyone and is bound to excite passion in areas students may not previously have encountered.





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