Prep School

Prep School at Bellan House (for children aged 4 to 11)

Ask the children in the Prep School what we hold important and they will tell you ‘Kindness’ and ‘PRIDE’. Why? The answer is simple, to show kindness towards everyone and everything around us breeds respect for others and the world we live in, whilst PRIDE (prepared, responsible, inventive, determined, and evaluative) fosters the attitudes that inspire great learning both for academia and for life. We want your child, and all children in our care, to be the best they can be; for that, a strong growth mindset is required. To be the best human being they can be, requires fostering a respect for each other and an understanding of social responsibility; ultimately the development of emotional intelligence. 
To take the pathway through learning in Oswestry School Prep, is a journey that leads to success. It enables your child to thrive in an environment where academic challenge and pastoral care excels. Through ensuring their safety and happiness, we enable your child to develop the resilience, self-esteem and character to continually rise to the excitement of challenge; stretching their learning and achieving their greatest potential.


Respect for each other demands a two-way process and, indeed, the children in Oswestry School Prep are respected by the adults around them. However, with respect comes responsibility. We encourage our children to understand their responsibility to make the right choice; to take ownership of the decisions they make throughout each day. This breeds a confidence in their ability to learn but also in their enthusiasm to drive forward change; knowing their ideas and views will be heard. 


Alongside all of this lies opportunity: opportunity to explore a myriad of experiences beyond the classroom. Opportunity to develop individual talents and expertise across the Arts, Music and Sports. Opportunity to find personal strengths and to recognise them: to grow in confidence and celebrate the ‘self’; and to understand how they can impact upon the world around them and to recognise the importance of being the best they can be. These are the skills we develop and opportunities we create to set the foundations for the growth of our finest, most successful citizens and leaders of the future.

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